Introducing SAOU TV, a German-Japanese video jockey and multimedia artist based in Leipzig. Born in Japan and raised in Paris, SAOU TV's unique background, being of German and Japanese heritage, gave her a diverse perspective on art and culture. She later developed her skills in several cities, studying photography in Berlin, Media Art in Leipzig, and Multimedia|VR Design in Halle. Having a nostalgic approach to digital art, she likes to blend old and new technologies in her work and often incorporates the use of glitch art, a technique in which she manipulates and corrupts digital images and videos to create a unique and unpredictable visual experience. Her work is inspired by a wide range of sources, including old TVs, video games and 90's computer graphics, as well as her love for YouTube dog videos.
Her performances are characterized by a colourful mix of live-mixed visuals, 3D animations, and found footages, all synced perfectly with the music.
Contact me in french, german and english!
Currently living and working in Leipzig, Germany.

Exhibitions & Festivals:
* 1. – 7. October 2022 FU:BAR Glitch Art Festival @ Institut Français en Croatie, Zagreb, Croatia
* 26. August until 23. September 2021 DOSIS II @ Institut für Zukunft, Leipzig
* 15. July until 12. August 2021 DOSIS I @ Institut für Zukunft, Leipzig
* 28 - 29 November 2020 Official Selection of the GUFF20 Program of the Geelong Film Festival in Australia for the 360° Music Video Humility.
* 28. – 30. June 2019 Make it Concrete @ Kombinat in der Spinnerei, Leipzig
* 27. – 30. April 2019 Mein Körper ist eine Lagerhalle @ Kombinat in der Spinnerei, Leipzig
* 23. February – 03. March 2019 Testgebiet @ Kombinat in der Spinnerei, Leipzig
* 21. April 2018 Festival Triste pero no Suicida @ Maleza Projectos, Bogotá Colombia
* 30. March 2017 Figures SonoresSquaresquaresquare gallery, Paris
* 24. – 25. September 2016 @ Coucool Festival, Paris
* 20.– 22. June 2014 Lette Verein EpilogSchindler Campus, Berlin

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